Spring Arrives on Tiny Feet

By Trudie Porter Biggers

Spring is a wonderful time at the Huntley Project Museum as small critters of many varieties begin to make their debut. The most special of all are the baby bunnies that are born by the dozens in tiny dens all over the Museum grounds. These babies will flourish as the new grasses grow, helped along by sunny days and rainy nights.

Along with bunnies and newly hatched birds, scores of third-grade school children visit the museum each spring. Museum employees and volunteers teach these enthusiastic learners how to make home-made butter and ice cream. We also teach the kids how to make rope from twine and everyone enjoys learning to play games originally played by homestead and Native American children.

The Museum provides a unique opportunity for kids both young and old to spend a day in the hard-working though simple atmosphere of a bygone era. Bodies are stressed by chores, but minds are free to focus on a task or wander at will over the prairie.

Nights at the Museum are also lovely with an abundance of starry nights and full moons; leaving light and noise pollution far behind in the city. Listening to the water slowly pushing along the irrigation canal while fish jump and softly land with a plop is another pleasant and peaceful pastime. Crickets sing and doves coo as the wind sifts coolly through the pine boughs and stirs the young leaves.

2018 will bring more evening events at the Huntley Project Museum with opportunities for all visitors to experience nature on her own terms. Adventures in star-gazing as well as stories told by Native Americans will make long-remembered memories.

Daily admission is free unless a special event is taking place. Bring your sweetheart and family and visit us, our gate is always open.