Curator, Huntley Project Museum of Irrigated Agriculture

The Curator of the Huntley Project Museum reports to the executive director, works closely with the director for the planning and implementation of exhibitions, activities and events. Oversees the care and scholarship of the museum’s permanent collection. This position may be responsible for supervision of one or more volunteers and temporary staff. Serves on the Collections Committee for the Huntley Project Museum.

Examples of duties:


  • -          Responsible for the care, maintenance, and documentation of collection objects and objects on loan to/from the collection.

  • -          Responsible for research on collections and related topics

  • -          Serves on the Collections Committee

  • -          Makes recommendations to Collections Committee of objects for accession or de-accession;

all recommendations must first be approved by the Director

  • -          Maintains information on accessions and de-accessions into the Past Perfect program.

  • -          Prepares articles on collections activities for inclusion in museum publications and press releases

  •        Exhibitions/Registration/Public Programs

  • -          Responsible for the development, implementation, installation, and interpretation of temporary & permanent exhibitions.

  • -          Helps with funding for exhibition activity.

Organizes and implements plans for installation and de-installation of exhibitions, and supervises preparation staff engaged in preparing, mounting, maintaining, and changing permanent collections and temporary exhibitions


  • Coordinates and manages details of shipping, crating, packing, transportation, insurance, customs clearance, and storage for collections and exhibitions, and recommendations to Exhibitions Committee.


  • -          Oversees preparation and maintenance of records of collections and exhibitions inventory, accession and deaccession, condition of permanent collection and loaned objects, insurance valuation of permanent collection and loaned objects, and of activity of objects in collections

  • -          Oversees creation and completion of cataloguing and systems forms for collections and exhibitions

  • -          Oversees preparation of exhibition labels, brochures, text panels, and other educational materials

  • -          Oversees maintenance of museum collections  storage and temporary loan facilities

  • -          Occasional travel to supervise and assist with transportation of collections objects and temporary exhibitions


  Public Relations/Promotion

  • -          Assists in promotions of museum activities.

  • -          Assists with development and presentation of public programming and civic engagement activities

  • .  Other

  • -          Weekend and evening duties as required

  • -          Performs other duties as assigned by the proper authorities, which may include outside activities.