We tell the unique history of the Huntley Irrigation Project.  This Bureau of Reclamation Project began operation June 26, 1907.  It is a success story of hard work and perseverance.

Our 10 acres are home to 18 homestead buildings, hundreds of turn of the century farm implements and thousands of artifacts.  The Museum interprets, preserves, restores and portrays life on the Project from Lewis and Clark voyage of discovery to the late 20th century. 



The Main Museum Building


Our main building was built 2001.  The exhibits in this building are as varied as the people who's stories we tell.  

Museum's Historic Town Site


Take a stroll down our boardwalk going back into time and catch a glimps of pioneer town life from our orignial Huntley Project buildings.

Our Beautiful Original Schoolhouse

DSC_0003 (2).jpg

Be sure to menander over to the Osborne School House.  Strong, sturdy and elegant it has stood the test of time.