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Northern Rockies Civil War Association Cast Iron Cooking Class

It seemed to go over amazingly well last year, so we are doing it again!!! 
Reserve your spot now!! 
There will be a $10 fee to cover costs of food etc. And the number of spots are limited to 10. 
To register, please call the museum.

You will not just be watching, you will actually be helping make dinner! We will do a variety of things for the meal, so you can learn how to cook on different styles of cast iron. If you have cast iron, bring it with you! We will use all the dutch ovens we can get. (And yes, this is selfish on my part...because any leftovers in your pan go home with less cleaning up for me....LOL)

One of the fun things about this, is that you will get to spend time with the reenactors around the campfire during and after dinner. This is a time of great fun, and often includes singing, stories and laughter.

please come dressed to be close to the campfire. This means no loose fitting clothing. And wool if you have it, as it is safest around the fire.