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Wedding Dresses and the Stories They Tell

Our museum tells the story of the pioneer spirit which embodies the American Dream to have the opportunity to pursue goals like owning land and having a career of your choice.  Many pioneers married and had a partner to help in all aspects of their lives.  Women and men worked long hours and dealt with numerous hardships to build a life they were proud of.  The strong relationships they created between each other and their community is the heart of the success of our thriving community today.  We chose the month of June to honor the many bonds started long ago and a dress that symbolizes hope and new beginnings.  The dresses are as unique and wonderful as the brides that wore them.  To help us bring the stories of our past to life the elegant Moss Mansion has graciously and warmly collaborated with us by loaning dresses along with their stories.  These dresses will be on display all month in June.